taylor kennedy
do not fear mistakes, there are none (miles davis)
Music & Performance

Music & Performance:

History: I've been playing professionally in both jazz and rock bands since I was thirteen. You know the drill: weddings, club dates, pool parties, hotel gigs, dinner cruises.
I started playing jazz and Brazilian music with my dad in trios and quartets, which built up my chops and my dynamics. Playing jazz for pay, the drummer has to be interesting but not loud...this helped me develop good ears. On the other hand, playing in dance bands required laying down the groove and cutting through the bass and guitars, sometimes sitting back up on one of those stage pedestals with mics in everything!

In LA, I've played with Mock Puppet, Latch Key Kid, Buddhist Monkey, Vertices, Ill Funk Nation, Mo'Chi, Wade Egan and Golden Ratio. I've done a number of recordings (including a major label.) I like to play in many styles and projects to keep me stimulated -- reggae, funk, jazz.; drum & bass, latin, hip hop.
I am always looking for interesting projects, interesting music to play.

(This picture is on tour with Slackstring, opening for the Wailers in front of 5,000 people in Portland.)

Tracks: ==== (click to download) ==================
Just Drums
Working around a beat, and playing with the time on the fills.

Joke of All Trades (excerpt)
This is a piece of a tune we did on the Vertices album.

Super Mario
An all time classic feel good joint for kids and
adults of all ages. (from college days)

Listen to (and download) Mock Puppet and Vertices on iTunes: search by band names

portland Current Projects:
* You Were Great Last Night -- www.greatlastnight.com
* West Coast Energy Wave -- www.westcoastenergywave.com

* Latchkey Kid -- www.latchkeykid.org
*  Deep Sleep Ops -- www.myspace.com/deepsleepops

RocKamp -- summer rock camp for kids
                       -- www.rockamp.org
* YMPA -- Big band jazz group for 9 - 13 year olds
               -- www.ympa.net

Past Projects:
* Mock Puppet -- www.myspace.com/mockpuppet
* Golden Ratio -- www.gratiolounge.com
* Wade Egan -- www wadesongs.com
* Vertices (iTunes)
* Don McCloskey aka Big D -- www.enormousd.com
* Mo'Chi

Videos: (I'm playing in all of these)
* Latch Key Kid: (this song opens the movie I Love You Man)

* Thai Reggae (sitting in with a house band on vacation)

* Deep Sleep Ops

* Guitar Hero Hero (MC Lars, featuring Paul Gilbert)

RECORD REVIEW: Deep Sleep Ops C25

(in Performer Magazine, October 2010)

By: Shawn M Haney

Deep Sleep Ops paints a gorgeous portrait of mysterious, dark emotion on C25. The trio hails from Long Beach, and such a group of gifted composers, truly genuine in their craft, couldn't be any finer.

A pure indie-electro band at heart, Mike Hayungs (guitars, keys, vocals), Jerami Menella (bass, samples), and Taylor Kennedy (drums) convey soulful messages of love and heartbreak in highly atmospheric music, delivered with passion and punch.

Released as a six song EP for the fall, tunes such as the riveting opener "Spiraling Into Control" seem to help one lose control, allowing listeners to find themselves lost in the realm of the music's charming melancholy. "The Freeze" talks the soul on a journey in a wondrous land, chilled and wintry, like a trek seeking the farthest reaches of the North Pole. It is in the music is Deep Sleep Ops, that these songs merit a grade of noteworthy distinction. The music can send a heart's experience of pain and considerable suffering into a state of calm and healing.

"Streetwalkn" pulses with a steady percussive beat that rings fire and fury at the world's present evils. The bass guitars are drenched with distortion, while the keyboards are presented with a myriad of sonic colors. A tale of adventure, this tune boosts a lonely man's morale, sending him on a walk down the highway of a runaway life. You are truly gripped by the power of Hayungs' haunting vocals, as Menella and Kennedy complete the hurricane-like storm to a satisfying peak. The bass lines rip and tear with mesmerizing ferocity, with a wave of rolling drums bringing the dynamic sounds to climactic heights.

A powerful EP, Deep Sleep Ops transcends with music that captivates the listener and sends the beaten and weary to a healthier universe. Don't miss out. (Self-released)