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Mentor Program:

This summer give your son an opportunity to spend time with a mentor -- a trusted friend who listens, supports and guides young people on a consistent basis over a period of time. Teenagers benefit from exposure to healthy adult role models with the possibility of informal relating and exploring life questions and concerns.

This program offers once a week one-on-one relating in 4 hour blocks over 4-6 weeks, structured with a pleasurable activity (such as surfing, biking, basketball, playing and listening to music, drumming, walking, playing chess, bowling) within which there is a chance for dialogue at the kid’s own pace.

  • Safe informal one-on-one relating with a healthy young adult role model who is an accomplished musician
  • Opportunity to build self-esteem, learn how to resolve conflicts, discover and develop  individual strengths, talents and gifts
  • Informal discussions exploring life questions (relationships, goals, values, college, livelihood), a sense of purpose (including the value of commitment, discipline, ‘paying one’s dues’) and a vision for the next stage of life
  • A bit of coaching, to help set a path
4 hour block, once a week for 4- 6 weeks    
Group sessions also available

For more information call
Taylor at (213) 842-2003

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Parent testamonials :
Taylor is someone who truly inspires. He has genuine interest in people of all ages and possesses a unique confidence that can only be found in an older soul.  Taylor has a strong gift for communicating. His ability to engage children and teens seems effortless and the insights he offers parents is invaluable.

In addition to Taylor’s strength of character and integrity, which is demonstrated through his patience, support, candor and deep respect for his family and friends, he is an accomplished musician, and a great listener, well-traveled, well-educated, resourceful and accessible.
Taylor has been much more than an educator for my children. He’s been a friend, someone my children admire greatly, someone who has been a tremendous role model on every level.

At our first meeting of Taylor, it became clear that he would become one of those teachers who help to shape the strong character of our son, Riley. Taylor is a talented musician and gifted drum teacher, and the bond between teacher and student was immediate. Taylor taught Riley to study, practice and master the drums, and he inspired our son to appreciate various musical genres beyond the rock music that Riley loved. In addition, Taylor has been a mentor to Riley by sharing wonderful stories of his parents, high school, college and growing up in general. Taylor shares Riley’s love of beach sports which has become another bond between the two. Taylor has become an important part of Riley’s growth into a young man, and we are all fortunate to know him.